Marj is a Brooklyn based photographer specializing in portraits, kids & families, and events. She was a children’s content producer for more than 20 years, creating award-winning, engaging, educational media, games and activities for children, families and teachers. Most recently, she was a contributing writer/photographer for Toca Boca Magazine, telling stories about the power of play and creativity in childhood. She’s also published pieces for PBS Parents and Scary Mommy.

Marj holds an M.A. in Educational Psychology from New York University and a B.S. in Theater Management from Emerson College. She has taught theater to children and photography to grownups. 


“Marj is by far one of the most professional and talented people I have worked with, and it was always a joy to feature her high-quality photography and writing in our publications. She has a wonderful eye, a deep knowledge of kids and families, and is passionate about the role of play and creativity in kids’ lives.

Marj has a collaborative working style, making it easy to brainstorm and explore content ideas with her. She has high standards for quality, and often goes above and beyond the requirements of a project. Simply put, she is amazing, and I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

    -- Ingrid Simone, Toca Boca Magazine Editor

"Marj brought warmth and enthusiasm to the entire process. I am not a comfortable subject but Marj made me feel so comfortable. I actually enjoyed the shooting and the photos truly captured me.”

-- Cecilia Dintino, Twisting the Plot

"Marj has photographed our annual gala for the past three years, as well as a few classroom events. She has the ability to capture the children's unique spirit in a way that others haven't been able to. She's also a real pleasure to work with!" 

   -- Amie Hamlin, Executive Director, Coalition for Healthy School Food

"Marj photographed a special event hosted by Fountain House, as well as my wedding. In both contexts, I was blown away by her sense of composition and her intuitive ability to capture relationships. Her work reflects a great blend of technical skill and human insight."

   -- Andrea Roy, former Communications Director, Fountain House



"I hate getting my picture taken. I hate looking at pictures of myself. Marj was super responsive and warm in our email exchanges leading up to the shoot, and as soon as she opened her door to her lovely brownstone, my anxieties went away. We chatted a bit before she started taking pictures, and she was so kind, and genuine. While she had her camera out we were both laughing and chatting, and the photos absolutely reflect how at ease I felt. I’d recommend her services to anyone who may feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. She has a completely soothing way about her, and it made something I was dreading enjoyable, and it made me feel good about myself, which is nothing short of a miracle.”

   -- Katie Cicatelli-Kuc, Scholastic Y/A author

"I always call upon Marj to photograph me when I want to experiment with editorial and candid shots.  She always captures me beautifully and sharply! I trust her with my image." 

   -- Kenya Brome, Professional Actor

"Marj is warm and personable and blended into the conference,  greatly assisting attendees comfort while being photographed. She was able to capture the creative energy of the workshops and attendees and was wonderful to work with."

   -- Lenia Batas, President, Child Life of Greater NY

"Marj is super friendly and funny and you feel like you've known her a while even though you just met. Marj got along with everyone, which is no small feat at a large party full of Italians."

--Carmela, mom-to-be